These cinemas give a Sin City twist on the traditional moviegoing experience...

The Sci-Fi Center

The Sci-Fi Center

When is a cinema NOT a cinema? When it's The Sci-Fi Center, a hangout and hobby shop for fans of the fantastic. Located in the historic Commercial Center near Sahara Hotel, the Sci-Fi center is pure nirvana for collectors of comic books, memorabilia, and souvenirs. It's also part of a triad that includes movie-themed Cineloggia Movie Prop Museum and Hellbound Horror Collectibles. All are excellent establishments within mere steps of one another. 

As much fun as it is to peruse these shops in the daytime, things get really cinematic when the sun goes down. That's when The Sci-Fi Center unleashes Courtyard Cinema and Carpool Cinema, two distinctly themed outdoor movie nights. Courtyard Cinema is very much like small-town "Movies In The Park", where you can spread out, bring your own snacks and make new friends. Carpool Cinema is a much larger experience, styled like a traditional drive-in theater with cars facing a giant inflatable screen in the Commercial Center's expansive lot.

Owner/operator William Powell is clearly an aficionado of camp classics. This writer recently attended a 3-D screening of Robot Monster, widely considered to be one of the best awful movies of all time. The audience had as much fun laughing at the movie as they did following the antics of a giant bubble-blowing gorilla who wears a deep-sea diving helmet equipped with antennas. More critically-acclaimed fare like James Cameron's ALIENS, John Carpenter's THEY LIVE, and the original 1977 STAR WARS have graced its screens in recent months. 

The Sci-Fi Center is located at 900 E. Karen Avenue Suite B209.

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